Saturday, March 30, 2019

March 2019 Passive Income

Here is the passive income I received from both taxable and retirement accounts.

Taxable Account

  • ABALX --- $354.78
  • Amegy CD --- $307.86
  • SO --- $61.99
  • F --- $52.50
  • XOM --- $49.46
  • IBM --- $39.75
  • KHC --- $36.26
  • LB --- $30.54

Retirement Account

  • VFIAX --- 1301.94
  • VBMFX ---204.12

Total March 2019 passive income from all accounts is $2439.20.

Definitely nothing wrong with this month! My CD income was lower due to February being a short month, but no big deal.

As a side note I received a $400 bank bonus from Amegy and 80,000 travel points (redeemable against $800 in travel expenses) from Barclays. Technically not true passive income, but the $400 is a real deposit in my checking account and my girlfriend and I now have two round trip Cali trips covered so I'm definitely excited about that!

Also had a great time visiting with Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money as he swung through Houston earlier this month on his book tour! A lot of the ChooseFI Houston members were in attendance and great ideas were flowing. 



  1. MDP -

    Great March, hilarious pic and looks like you guys were having a great time. Excited for your snowball to continue to build.


    1. Lanny,

      Thanks, my friend. I have done my best to live life to the fullest and have tour more of Houston in the past year than the previous 20 years. FIRE is better than advertised.


  2. Awesome work Big Guy! Each post inspires all of us to join you in FIRE! Cheers!

  3. nice pipe!

    Thats a solid income you brought in. Enjoy those credit card rewards.


    1. Cpi,

      I really enjoy them and just opened two new cards!


  4. Congrats, it seems like you are doing great. I'm assuming you can't touch the retirement income , so how are you living so cheaply? I also assume you have your home paid for and no debt except what you spend on credit cards.

    1. AAI,

      I'm definitely not touching the retirement income for at least 12-15 years. You are correct about me being debt free. I have been spending about $3,000 a month during the past 14 months which actually isn't that frugal considering I have no housing or car payments.

      I feel like I am truly enjoying life, which includes my girlfriend and I going out quite a bit.

      The first few months I was flying by the seat of my pants, but now I receive about $500 a month from dividends, $350 a month from bank interest and another $400-500 from credit card rewards. I have 6 years of cash invested in CDs to prevent the need to sell during a down market.

      The $1300 a month in passive/semi passive income is providing a nice cushion against my cash draw down. In a pinch I could reduce my expenses to around $1000 if absolutely necessary. In theory I could take on a part time job or even full time if necessary.

      Also, my girlfriend is from a rather affluent California family and moved to Texas last year. Her affluence is a mix blessing in that we can do more things, but at a sometimes higher budget than I feel is comfortable.

      So far though everything has been really good. I love FI and the freedom is allows.

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