Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 Dividends

Total dividends received for April is DRUM ROLL....................................$0.00.  This is the first time since early 2012 that I didn't receive any dividend income.

Hopefully this will be the last month that I put up a "Goose egg"

My savings account is almost to a level which could provide 10 years of expense coverage. Once it reaches this point, (probably around the end of June) I plan to go into BEAST MODE with 100% of my disposable income invested in dividend stocks and bonds.

I may jump in a bit earlier if ABT, AAPL, CSCO, INTC, and MSFT show further weakness. They all are really starting to look pretty attractive.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

March 2016 Dividends

Here are the dividends that I received during March.

  • RDS-b --- $148.42
  • BP --- $123.34
  • XOM --- $73.97
  • BA --- $27.24
  • NEA --- $22.73
  • CMI --- $18.53
  • EMR --- $16.63
  • IBM --- $15.60
  • ADM --- $14.40
  • UL --- $12.33
  • MMM --- $12.21
  • JNJ --- $12
  • ESV --- $1.69

Total dividends received in my taxable account is $499.10.

I sold out of most of the positions at the end of February to continue my cash buildup. Many of these names have continued their strong moves up. I would love to add some high yielders like T, SO, and PM, but even these boring companies are nearing 52 week/all time highs. Crazy shit. Meanwhile oil companies are still at very depressed levels.

April may be my first "dividend free" month since early 2012. I still plan on resuming my aggressive investing sometime in June or July. Hopefully there is a massive pullback. If not, there will always be values somewhere in the market.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recent Buy --- PFE

Today I initiated a position in Pfizer.

  • PFE:  300 shares @ $28.95 --- Yield 4.15%

Total capital invested is $8,690.75 and will add $360.00 to my yearly dividends. It's tough to find any decent values in the market right now, but this purchase seems pretty solid at 4%. If the price drops into the $27 range, I'll probably add more to this position.

I was really wanting to wait a bit longer before starting any purchases again, but I get impatient as has been documented over and over again... :-) I'm actually pretty proud of the restraint I have shown in recent months.....with only the occasional buying spree.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

February 2016 Dividends

It's was a pretty uneventful month in February from a dividend standpoint. I bought some shares early in the month only to dump most of the positions I created in January. Between options gains and some short term capital gains (around $6k), I have been able to reduce some of my energy positions without too much of a collective loss.

Here is my dividend summary.

  • NEA --- $22.63
  • AAPL --- $8.32

Total dividends received in my taxable account is $30.95. Yikes that's pretty weak. 

I have been adding to my cash positions and am closing in on $300k. Once I reach that threshold, there is going to be some serious buying with no selling going forward. Current forward dividends are around $1000 per year.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Time to dump some positions...again

Most of these companies have had insane runs since the middle of last month. I couldn't resist locking in some gains especially considering my portfolio has gained about $6k in the last week.

My Exxon shares will most likely be called away by the end of this week.

I'll be watching for falling prices from here. :-)


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Recent sale --- WMT & Shell

The recent run up in oil prices has given a good opportunity to lighten my position.

  • RDS-b:  157.89 shares @ $46.24
  • WMT:  42.09 share @ $66.21

Total proceeds from these transactions is $10,073.81.  My yearly dividends will decrease by $676.16.

I was a little under water in both companies and I can use the short term loss to help lower my options gains.

In a perfect world 31 days from now both will be trading 20% lower. :-)


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Option trades for $1800....Alex!!!

Here are a few of my closed options transactions for the year. I have not been posting these as it takes too much time to go over the details of each transaction.

I started the year with long term Call purchases on CAT, WMT, and CSCO (CSCO still open and upside down but getting better recently), but have moved to shorter term contracts.

I also continue to sell covered Calls on XOM, BP, and Shell. Some of these are weekly Calls and some are longer term. I have been pretty lucky as I have not lost any shares yet. I do have an XOM $79 call expiring at the end of February that could be in jeopardy. No biggie. I'll just buy back the shares later or invest in something else.

The one put I purchased as you can see below was a $50 VZ that I closed out of pretty quick.

That fucking ESV continues to get me even in option trading....LOL.

Also I have noticed buying $29 BP calls and selling $32 BP covered calls has been working pretty well so far.

Anyway, I will be happy to answer any questions in the comments section.