Thursday, February 11, 2016

A few more buys....IBM, BA, & ADM

Once again the market is tanking and I am buying.

  • IBM:  13 shares @ $118.26 --- Yield  4.40%
  • BA:  15 shares @ $106.86 --- Yield  4.08%
  • ADM:  48 shares @ $32.18 --- Yield  3.73%

Total capital invested is $4684.85 and the combined yield is 4.07%. These purchases will increase my yearly dividends by 190.60.

The Boeing and IBM purchases are quite a bit below my cost basis and the ADM purchase is slightly higher than my basis.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Well F@ck It....HCP one FINAL time

I need some serious fucking therapy....

  • HCP:  50 shares @ $27.82 --- Yield 8.27% (Starting to resemble ARCP circa 2014)

Total capital invested is $1397.95 and for the third time my dividends will increase by $115.00. My cost basis is now a tad over $30.

I am going to turn off the computer before or I may end up losing even more fingers.


HCP.....again?? Limit order filled

Well, I didn't expect my $29.99 limit order to get filled so quickly....I guess if I liked HCP at $33 yesterday I should love it below $30 today, right??

  • HCP:  50 shares @ $29.99 --- Yield  7.67%

Total capital invested invested is $1506.45 and will again increase my dividends by $115.00. 

At this pace HCP will be yielding 10% by the end of the week. I'll most likely look outside the REIT space if I decide to make any more purchases this month. I don't want to be overloaded in any one sector again. I am still trying to diversify out of my energy positions. Luckily many sectors are in bear market or even 50% haircut territory.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Recent Buy --- HCP

Today I added a new position to my portfolio.It's been almost two weeks since I last made a purchase and it feels really good!!

  • HCP: 50 shares @ $33.24 --- Yield  6.92%

Total capital invested is $1668.94 and will add $115.00 to my yearly dividends. HCP seems to be a pretty good buy in the $33 range and if it drops into the $20s I'll gladly pick up some more shares.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jan 2016 Dividends & Purchases

Well after totally dismantling my portfolio over the last quarter of 2015, the result have finally showed themselves in a very big way this month. :-( I had one lone company (WMT) and my municipal bond fund (NEA) pay me this month. Total dividend income was a whopping $42.98.

On the flip side I was extremely active with purchases this month. I added $32496.23 in new capital which increases my yearly dividends by $1377.51.

It definitely feels a bit strange going from $18,500 in forward dividends to receiving less than $50.00 this month. On the other hand, it feels pretty damn good sitting on a ton of cash right now.

I have no idea what lies ahead in February. I could invest another $30,000 into the market, invest $0, or just sell everything again. It's a bit crazy. While I loved buying a lot of great companies this month, the economy in Houston is a bit shaky right now. Focusing on both business and trying to pay attention to the market is a bit taxing. When I took a break from buying I actually stopped paying attention to the markets for the most part. It was kind of relaxing actually. January provided great opportunities to buy companies, but it was a bit exhausting. Maybe I should just buy shares of XOM, JNJ, PG, and KO every month. I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

Dividends and purchases are shown below...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recent Buy --- TUP & BA

Today I added to my Boeing position and created a new position in Tupperware.

  • TUP:  38 shares @ $43.20 --- Yield  6.30%
  • BA:  13 shares @ $117.40 --- Yield  3.71%

Total capital invested is $3181.70. The combined yield on these purchases is 5.03% and will add $160.04 to my yearly dividends. This is my second purchase of BA this month, Industrial companies continue to take it on the chin. TUP, on the other hand, should be considered relatively defensive if we are in fact heading towards a recession. Gotta store those leftovers during hard times...Lol


Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent Buys --- UNP & AXP

Here are my final purchases for this week.

  • UNP:  22 shares @ $68.92 --- Yield  3.20%
  • AXP:  28 shares @ $54.82 --- Yield  2.12%

Total capital invested is $3065.10. The combined yield on these purchases is 2.64% and will add $80.88 to my yearly dividends. 

This should conclude my purchases for this week and maybe even this month. AXP is taking a beating today and I have been interested in picking up shares for a while. I will just nibble here and add more if it drifts down into the $40s.

UNP, like all the railroads, is still under heavy selling pressure and this marks my second purchase this month. Choo Choo!!!