Friday, April 17, 2015

PG raises dividend 3% --- New Yield is 3.21% (YAWN)

Today PG announced that it is increasing its dividend 3% from $0.6436 to $0.6629 per share. This is the 59th consecutive year of dividend increases.

The record date is April 27th and the pay date is May 15th.

Since I currently own 124.35 shares my yearly dividends will increase by $9.60.

A 3% yield and a 3% raise...come on???  Well at least they kept the yearly streak alive. I must admit that I am disappointed in the decision, but I guess PG is being cautious right now. Quite honestly this reminds me of GE's paltry raise. Maybe I should manage my expectations better. I would expect something like this out of AT&T, but Procter?? Hmmmm....Better luck next year, I guess.

The next batters up to the plate are JNJ, XOM, CVX, IBM ,and APU. Hopefully they have better news than Procter.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Purchases: SO, PG, & WMT

Today I reinvested the proceeds from my recent mutual fund sales.

  • SO:  50 shares @ $43.94 --- Yield  4.78%
  • PG:  25 shares @ $83.47  --- Yield   3.07%
  • WMT:  25 shares @ $79.16 --- Yield  2.48% (initial position)

Total capital invested is $6283.60 and the combined yield is 3.47% and will increase my yearly dividends by $218.00.

These are very boring companies that should have no problems making and increasing dividend payments for many years to come. I have been patiently waiting for WMT and SO back down to decent levels.

Walmart will be a nice complement to my TGT shares. SO, in my opinion, is a good substitute for the junk bond holdings I sold off and being taxed at 15% instead of 33% is a nice benefit as well.

Also, I apologize for so many posts recently. If I don't post things in real time, I am subject to forget about them and I am trying my best to update all portfolio puchases, sales, and dividend announcements in real time. I think this actually may be an OCD thing. So be it.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KMI raises dividend 6.67%---New Yield is 4.42%


Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) today announced that its board of directors approved an increase in its quarterly cash dividend to $0.48 ($1.92 annualized) payable on May 15, 2015, to shareholders of record as of the close of business on April 30, 2015. This represents a 14 percent increase over the first quarter 2014 dividend of $0.42 per share ($1.68 annualized) and is up from $0.45 per share ($1.80 annualized) for the fourth quarter of 2014.

Since I currently own 234.76 shares, my yearly dividends will increase by $28.17.

KMI is an absolute beast of a company. The dividends should blow by $2.00 a share in no time at all.

Between GM and KMI, my dividends this week have increased by over $63.00 and I didn't have to invest one single extra penny!

Dividend growth at its best.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases and Funds Sold

Here are my automatic investments for this week.

  • RDS-B: 4.03 shares @ $62.06 --- Yield  6.06%
  • BBL:  5.77 shares @ $43.29 --- Yield  5.73%
  • SO:  5.65 shares @ $44.23 --- Yield  4.75%  (initial position)
  • JNJ:  2.49 shares @ $100.56 --- Yield  2.78%

Total capital invested is $1000 ($250 in each company) and the combined yield of these purchases is 4.83%. This will add $48.30 to my yearly dividends.

I also sold $6000 worth of my mutual fund holdings ($3000 of CAIBX and AHITX). This sale will reduce my yearly dividends by approximately $285.

I plan on reinvesting the proceeds by the end of this week. One of the biggest factors in selling off some of the junk bonds is the major tax disadvantage. Keeping high yield bonds in a taxable account when my top rate this year was 33% is not a good idea. I may look at investing the AHITX proceeds in higher yield municipal bonds or increase my utility holdings which have similar yields but are taxed at 15% .

SO doesn't look very cheap here, but considering it was in the $53 range a couple of months ago, I decided it might be worth while to start building a position. I think it is a decent substitute for my high yield bonds.

Stocks on my radar for next week include the ones listed above as well as PG, PM, T, CVX, and XOM.


Monday, April 13, 2015

GM raises dividend 20% --- New yield is 3.96%

Today GM announced that it will raise its quarterly dividend from $.30 to $.36 a share. This represents a 20% increase and makes the new yield 3.96%. GM had previously mentioned that it would be raising the dividend, but it was not made official until today.

The dividend will be payable on June 23 for shareholders of record on June 10

Since I currently own 146.13 shares, my yearly dividends will increase by $35.07.

This is obviously great news and it appears that many of the troubles with the ignition recalls are starting to fade away as GM is performing at a high level right now.

I must admit buying shares last year was difficult as the company announced a seemingly endless number of recalls that I believe approached 20 million vehicles. I view myself as a bit of a storm chaser, whether it is buying Target after the security breach, GM during the recall debacle, or most recently buying energy companies amid collapsing oil prices.

This strategy sometimes works well and sometimes does not. Unfortunately deep values rarely appear with pretty bows attached. I find they typically cause a little heartburn and restlessness.

I think lower gas prices could really help the bread and butter products which of course are large trucks and SUVs. GM still looks like a decent value at current prices, but I have a fairly large position already and probably won't add too many more shares.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Google Analytics is Working

Talk about an over reaction on my part. Apparently it takes a day for Google Analytics to become functional. It is working great today! YES!!! Double YES!!!

My ESV position loses 35% of its value and cuts the dividend 80%....Meh.

Kraft rises 40% in a day due to a merger with Heinz....ho hum

My GE shares rise $1200 on paper on Friday.....yawn

I can successfully start Google Analytics...........HOME M F'ing RUN!!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Random Blog Stats

Graph of Blogger page views

Another month has gone by and I picked up a few hundred more page views in March than in February. As I have mentioned in previous months, these Blogger stats are inflated and I have tried a couple of times to use Google Analytics just so I could have some more accurate data. I have also on several occasions documented my ineptitude with anything related to blog IT stuff.

One of my goals this year is to use the HTML button more and learn a few new skills to help enhance the blog. Usually my progress resembles something like "One step forward, Ten steps backwards."

A few months back I decided to start using Google Analytics and quite honestly, I had trouble even getting the account opened. That is fucking ridiculous. Anyway each month I see reports that others show regarding new unique users, blog traffic, etc. and I find myself jealous. It would be so cool to be able to have something like that.

Recently GEN Y FINANCE GUY suggested to me that I start using Google analytics. He was also kind enough to show me a diagram to help me set it up. The best part is he mentioned that it would only take about 5 minutes to set up. Clearly he doesn't know who he is dealing with.

After spending about 45 minutes on the Google site, I decided to take a break from the computer before throwing the monitor through my office window. I am at work so this would be an H R violation especially if someone outside my office were to get hit with flying glass.

Why do I continue to subject myself to this type of frustration??? I don't know, but the other day at work I told my IT Director that I might take a course in HTML programming.

His simple response: "Why the fuck would you do something like that?"  It looks like he has a pretty good feel for the situation. I'm going to shelf that idea.

So below is the progress that I have made today. I probably am close to finishing, but I don't know for sure.

Right now I am in the Admin page of Google Analytics under the Tracking Info tab and I can see my tracking ID number and there is a sentence next to it that says:
  • STATUS:  Tracking Not Installed

The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website's home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website.

Then it says

This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track.

What follows is a long ass HTML code looking thing that resembles a foreign language.

Just for grins I copied and pasted this code to my most recent post just to see if anything would happen. I had a feeling nothing would happen and I of course I was right.

Also on my Blogger site under Settings - Other, I can see my Analytics Web Property ID with my AU code in the the box. It looks like everything should be working but it isn't.

So anyway enough bitching about my pathetic computer skills. Last month I received $24.51 which is a drop from February's total. April is starting off better as I have reached $13 already and hopefully can surpass $30.