Thursday, January 29, 2015

HCP raises dividend 3.67% --- New yield is 4.71%

Today HCP raised its quarterly dividend $.02 from $.545 to $.565. This represents a 3.67% increase and elevates the yield to 4.71%.

The ex-dividend date is February 5th and the pay date is February 24th. Since I currently own 210 shares, my yearly dividends will increase by $16.80.

HCP has performed very well over the past year and I'm certainly thrilled to receive additional passive income with no further capital investment needed. The next few raises that I am looking forward to are from Coke, DLR, and CSCO.


  1. I have been looking at some of the healthcare REITs again. I own OHI but its a huge position and wouldnt want to add more, even though Ive been very happy with the performance. HCP, HCN and VTR have caught my eye and I am considering if its time to add another healthcare REIT to my portfolio :)


    1. R2R,

      The REITs have really had a good run over the last year. When the 10 year hit 3% at the end of 2013 the REITs were priced decently, but since then rates have plummeted and the values have definitely gotten stretched. I have been pleased with HCP and if it gets back towards $40 I likely add more shares.