Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recent Buy --- CAT

Today I added more shares to my CAT position.

  • CAT:  45 shares @ $65.61 --- Yield  4.69%

Total capital invested is $2959.40 and this will increase my yearly dividends by $138.60. CAT, similar to a lot of energy names, continues to hit multi year lows. With the announcement of lowered revenue guidance and massive layoffs the blood continues to flow. I almost initiated a position in EMR, but it looks like it is taking a fast train to the $30s. I may look at it again next week.



  1. Heavy into the CAT. Though cyclical, I lke this stock long term and these dips/higher yields are exactly when you should add to your holdings. EMR and CAT are both on my list for next buys too.

  2. Bought CAT, JNJ, RAI, PG, DIS, EMR, DOW and MRK this morning. Thanks goodness I built up a bunch of cash by taken dividends and not buying so much this year and have started to deploy cash this week to hopefully scoop up some good prices. Still have 14% cash to do some more buying. Was up to 31% cash last Friday. Still 0% oil stocks - waiting more shoes to drop in that sector.

  3. You have a stronger stomach then me. I know a lot of others really like CAT but I think I'd lose my hair watching it go down so fast as it did in 08. That being said, once the bleeding is over CAT will likely go straight back up if history repeats itself which tends to happen with stocks. Thanks for the update

  4. MDP,

    I like CAT. Spending a good deal of time in construction environs myself, I know it is a solid and trusted brand. Like CAT, construction and infrastructure are cyclical - its only a matter of time before the USA and other nations have large building projects to revamp, improve, or entirely overhaul these systems. CAT will be there all the way.
    - Gremlin

  5. CAT has been a popular buy for DGI bloggers the past few weeks. Honestly I have never looked deeply enough at their financials to decide to invest. Given the recent dip, I'll look again. Thanks for your article.