Friday, December 4, 2015

Wrecking my portfolio.

Sharebuilder too..... :-(

The carnage is NOT over yet. As you can see, the selling has been indiscriminate. I plan on selling a lot more by year end.

I think this covers all the sales so far. The total is up to around $200k. My monthly dividends are definitely dropping and will really take a hit by January.

By early February I will be close to 100% cash, so I will be back at the bottom of the mountain looking up again. I will start putting new money to work and simplify the portfolio then. Most likely I will stay at 25 positions or less with no mutual funds.

Stay tuned.



  1. Hi MDP,

    This is an interesting move from your side. I can see that you have some really strong positions like KO, Altria and Kraft Heinz.

    I wonder what is the driver of the sell-off. Is it because you would like to start building up your positions from the scratch or you believe the market is overpriced right now?


  2. Why the sell off? Do you have a crystal ball?
    Is this tied to the impending crash? Interest rates?
    Or just simplification of your portfolio to focus on core stocks. (Based on some studies from some very small people - i.e. not me - you can get diversification with only a few key companies).

  3. Must be thinking the market is overpriced. I could definitely see selling off/reducing some big winners like MO and maybe doing some tax loss harvesting with CVX/XOM/KMI types but damnnnnnn.... EVERYTHING! That's intense! If your conviction is high then by all means, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    At 27 and still in accumulation phase (big time) I'm just going to keep buying... Although I am trying to build up a nice cash position. Ill look to buying big in March April May next year I think ... if market goes down a bit. For right now I'm in a mostly wait and see mode. I made my last purchase in KMI today (I think) ... Capitulation. Tax loss harvesting strong in that one it looks like. Volume has been intense last 3 days.

    Looking forward to seeing what you pick up!


  4. Why are you selling them? What's wrong with holding these stocks and just collect dividends?

  5. This decision leave many of us in awe, but a few post ago didn't you say you were going through a few life changes?

    hope everything is alright.

  6. Wow, I couldnt expect this. I´ll be tuned for news. Take care, MDP.

  7. Why the sell. Is it easier just to collect dividends..

    Take care MDP

  8. MDP,

    I think everyone would love to hear your strategy with this selling. Some stocks you've sold near their highs, others not so much. Since the highs outnumber the lows I'm assuming you're going to get hit with capital gains.

    If the reason's personal and lifestyle related then best of luck to you. However, if you're trying to time the market and buy back in on the next big dip then do share :)



  9. Not sure why you've decided to sell to obtain 100% cash by February but hopefully with the gains and losses you will come out in the positive side and not the negative end. Since you are paying commission for these trades, I think you could have been a bit more selective with the selling activity. I understand simplifying your portfolio but I see a few dividend aristocrats that I would have kept around for the long haul.

    Best wishes. AFFJ