Monday, February 12, 2018

January 2018 Dividend Summary

Here are the dividends I received in my taxable account.

  • KMB --- $19.40
  • GE --- $12.00

Total January dividends are $31.40. All dividends are reinvested.



  1. Good job. Coming back up and you are buying good companies keep it up.

  2. Both great plays Big Guy and GE is grossly undervalued here in my opinion. I am personally loading up, and have well over 1,000 shares now. In five years, this will behave, like BP. Held BP in the red forever, but it is greener than the Hulk now!

  3. I guess I am not keeping up but weren't you getting near the top of dividend leader blog? They guy that had like 100% of his portfolio in GE has seemed to disappeared also. He had like 35,000 shares and was buying more when it was over $30. Two or three of us were asking him if he was worried about the debt. He wasn't.

    1. Anon,

      I was a few years back. A divorce in 2015 caused me to liquidate a lot of my portfolio. I built it back up and had about $250k invested through the middle of 2017. I then sold out again as my job situation changed dramatically. Right now I have about $400,000 in cash.


    2. Appreciate the update. Good luck in the future!!!

  4. MDP -

    Love seeing checks coming your way. Keep moving forward sir!


  5. GE and KMB like me. Do you plan to build up your portfolio in the coming months again?