Thursday, January 30, 2014

HCP Dividend Increase

HCP just increased its dividend by 3.8%.  The new quarterly dividend will be $.545 up from $.525.  I have 210 shares so my yearly dividends will increase $16.80.  Since I only been investing in individual stocks about 7 months, this is only my third company (MSFT and T are the others) to announce an increase.  I must admit I am kind of excited even though it is only $16.80.  It is truly awesome to see an increase in annual dividend income without investing additional capital.

Between this increase and my new sharebuilder account I recently opened, I am even more resolved to expand my dividend portfolio!

My new forward dividends will increase from $9219.32 to $9236.12.


  1. A $16.80 increase for one position is awesome. And youre killing it on the forward dividends. When do you think you'll cross the $10k threshold?

    1. PIP,

      Thanks for stopping by. I was planning on hitting the 10k mark by the end of March, but after looking at my taxes it may be sometime in April or May. I hope the markets stay down for a while so we can all pick up some bargains!