Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharebuilder Account Opened

In an effort to better diversify my dividend portfolio I have decided to open a sharebuilder account.  My previous 15 stock purchases were in large blocks and depleted most of my investment capital.  I also was paying $24 per transaction.  Using the Sharebuilder account should allow me to diversify my account much faster with a lower cost per transaction.  I am excited about the two new companies I am invested in and look forward to making more investments in these and other companies as the year progresses.

Sharebuilder purchases:
  • PFE --- $1000 at $30.54    Yield --- 3.4%   
  • BP --- $1000 at $47.51     Yield --- 4.8%
Forward dividends in my taxable accounts will increase to $9219.32 from $9137.70.


  1. Congrats on opening the account. It has certainly cut down on my transaction fees and as you said, allowed more diversification.

  2. All About Interets,

    Thanks for the comment. Your blog posts along with Accumulating Assets provided the catalyst to make to change. My portfolio is a bit "lumpy" right now and I hope to smooth it out with more companies throughout the year.


    1. Hello DP - I'm working on updates to AIP and would love to hear your thoughts on how it could be better. If you're interested, shoot me an email at sharebuilder-feedback@aethelyon.com.