Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases

Here are my automatic investments for this week.

  • APU:  11.02 shares @ $45.37 --- Yield  7.76% (initial position)
  • PM:  5.92 shares @ $84.50 --- Yield  4.45%
  • VZ:  10.1 shares @ $49.48 --- Yield  4.28%
  • CAG:  16.71 shares @ $29.92 --- Yield  3.34%
  • BAX:  6.80 shares @ 73.55 --- Yield 2.83%
Total capital invested this week is $2500 ($500 invested each company).  The combined yield on these purchases is 4.53% and will add $113.30 to my yearly dividends.

$100/week Challenge---Week 10  Markets reach new all time highs.

Massive up day in the markets...*sigh*  The S&P 500 continues its march towards 2000.  APU is now my highest yielder next to ARCP.  BAX still looks good here and I will add to VZ up to 150 shares.  PM and CAG are both in the dog house right now so I think they are good values.

My weekly goal of adding $100 to my yearly dividends will be difficult this month as there are five Tuesdays for my Sharebuilder purchases and yesterday my wife told me we need a new fence for the backyard.  I told her the old one is only 18 years old and she walked into another room.  I can't wait to see the new fence....I'm sure it will be the best investment I make this month! :-) 

Stocks on my radar for next week are APU, TCAP, VZ, PM, BP, ARCP, and PG.


  1. MDP,

    Great stuff... 10 weeks of $100 in new dividends.

    Good luck with the new fence :)


    1. Thanks DGJ. This month is going to be tough, but I'll take it one week at a time.


  2. Cut down on your purchases to a smidge over $100 as you been doin over 110$ for a few weeks. Keep that streak alive. The fence can wait another 2 years lol.

    Some good yields in that batch! Bax looking attractive!

    Good Day and Grind that Streak On!

    1. AG,

      If I wait two more weeks, let alone two more years I will be sleeping in the backyard. I will begrudging become an investor in Lowe's this month...Lol


    2. Just tell her big sale on wood in Sept. lol. Or you waiting on that Groupon for paint!

      I love streaks and would hate to see you break it!

  3. MDP,

    Man, what a streak! $100/week. I'm lucky if I can get $100/month. :)

    Like the purchases. BAX and PM especially look really solid here. Never looked at APU, but love that yield!

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

    1. DM,

      Thanks for the encouragement. It seems like tobacco companies are fighting some kind of "game changing" obstacle every year. PM and MO always seems to escaped unscathed. BAX looks good although I caught it on a big up day yesterday. That's just part of the fun of DCA.
      APU is the nations largest propane company. The dividend growth looks solid but may resemble other utilities/commodities with wide price swings.


    2. Now that some of the good dividend stocks are selling off, I would tell her only a moron replaces a fence when everyone else is. Best time to replace a fence is late fall/winter. Materials will be cheaper and the weather would be nicer.