Thursday, January 9, 2020

Weekly Stock/Bond Purchases

Today I added to some existing positions and opened a new position in BND.

  • BND: 12 shares @ $84.04 --- Yield 2.70%
  • DOW  5 shares @ $52.26 --- Yield  5.36%
  • T:  6 shares @ $38.87 --- Yield  5.35%
  • WBA:  5 shares @ $54.76 --- Yield 3.34%

Total capital invested is $1776.69 and the combined yield is 3.55%. These purchases will increase my yearly dividends by $63.15.

WBA has been under pressure the last couple of days and I will continue to nibble on it. I would also like to add more BND as a replacement for some lost CD income due to falling interest rates.



  1. MDP -

    Solid yield there. Thought about more WBA, as well, with the pressure from the recent news on their financials. Keep staying consistent on the buy front and adding more income.


    1. Lanny,

      I hope to add a bit more to my position. Hopefully a few others will become more attractive for this week's purchases.