Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Massive sell and KMI unwind

Yesterday I dumped my KMI stock and closed my one week week Kinder call. Overall I lost about $50 on the one day trade. Not too bad. In other news I dumped a ton of shares yesterday. Maybe I should buy some today? :-)

I am now down to about 10% stocks and 90% cash. It feels strange and good at the same time. I have no idea what the market is doing today and really don't care. I plan to enjoy the holidays and will probably wait until the beginning of next year to eliminate the rest of my positions.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Recent Buy --- KMI

Well I decided to reverse the flow a bit today and add to my KMI position.

  • KMI:  300 shares @ $17.21 --- Yield  11.94%  (hmmm...we shall see)

Total capital invested is $5168.90 and hopefully will add $612.00 to my yearly dividends. I don't think KMI is the next ESV, but if so the $2.04 dividend could become $.50 and that would really suck.


Wrecking ball...meet my portfolio.

Sharebuilder too..... :-(

The carnage is NOT over yet. As you can see, the selling has been indiscriminate. I plan on selling a lot more by year end.

I think this covers all the sales so far. The total is up to around $200k. My monthly dividends are definitely dropping and will really take a hit by January.

By early February I will be close to 100% cash, so I will be back at the bottom of the mountain looking up again. I will start putting new money to work and simplify the portfolio then. Most likely I will stay at 25 positions or less with no mutual funds.

Stay tuned.