Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Recent Buy --- KHC

Today I added to my KHC position

  • KHC:  40 shares @ $41.69 --- Yield  6.00%

Total capital invested is $1667.60 and will increase my yearly dividends by $100.

Wow the yields on food companies is starting to rival energy companies and REITs.  I was looking closely at CAG and GIS as well. I currently have shares of GIS, but not with CAG.  I decided to stick with Warren Buffett on this purchase.

There were some crazy deals earlier today with IBM right at 6% and the continued tobacco carnage.  A name that I haven't added to for a while is SO. It's close to 6% right now so is becoming very interesting.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Recent Buy - T

Today I added to my T position.

  • T: 100 shares @ $27.42 --- Yield  7.44%

Total capital invested is $2742 and will add $204 to my yearly dividends.

This is the highest yield I can remember on T. It may have been higher during 2008-2009, but not too much as the stock price is nearing those levels.  While the Dow has essentially tripled during the last 10 years, T has basically remained unchanged. The thing to remember is is T has probably paid out $17-$18 in dividends during this period making it a rather stealthy investment.

I will add a few hundred more shares as the yield continues it's march to 10%.

Merry Christmas everyone!! 2019 is going to be OUTSTANDING!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Recent Buy --- CAH

I did some last minute Christmas shopping today.

  • CAH:  100 shares @ $44.30 --- Yield  4.31%

Total capital invested is $4430 and will increase my yearly dividends by $191.00.

Many stocks are on my radar including the ones listed yesterday. UPS, CAG, HP, BBBY are in free fall right now so I hope to add one or two of these names by year end.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Recent Buys -- PM & XOM

Today I added to my PM and XOM positions.

  • PM:  30 shares @ $69.91 --- Yield  6.53%
  • XOM:  30 shares @ $69.75 --- Yield  4.70%

Total capital invested is $4189.80 and the combined yield is 5.61%.  These purchases will add $235.20 to my yearly dividends.

Lots of weakness in these two companies and I will probably add more as the PM yield approaches 7%. I will also watch MO closely and will go strong if the price dips into the $30s.

I only own XOM in the energy space right now. BP and Shell surprisingly have held up better than XOM. I will start adding to BP and Shell if the yields reach 8% or higher.

Another off the grid company is SMG. The share price has fallen by $50 from $110 to $60 pushing the yield up to around 3.5%. If it reaches 4% I will initiate a position.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Recent Buy --- GIS

Today I initiated a position in GIS.

  • GIS:  100 shares @ $40.24 --- Yield  4.87%

Total capital invested is $4024 and will add $196.00 to my yearly dividends.  I've been watching GIS for a while and told myself I would pull the trigger at 5% yield or around $40. We basically reached that point today.

Note: This is the second purchase using my Chase account (primary checking/savings). JPM introduced a You Invest Trade platform and I'm using free trades right now. The layout is simplistic and I can easily transfer money between checking/savings/investing/retirement.

I also like the estimated annual income calculator.