Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Recent Buy --- OHI

Today I initiated a position in OHI.

  • OHI:  200 shares @ $28.25 --- Yield 9.20%

Total capital invested is $5656.95 and will add $520.00 to my yearly dividends.

Forward dividends are $1135.00.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Recent Buys --- T & KMB

Today I added to my T position and initiated a position in KMB.

  • T:  50 shares @ $33.54 --- Yield  5.84%
  • KMB:  20 shares @ $111.71 --- Yield  3.47%

Total capital invested is $3924.97 and the combined yield is 4.47%. These purchases will add $175.45 to my yearly dividends.

My T share count is now 150 shares.

Forward dividends are $615.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Recent Buy --- T

Today I initiated a position in T.

  • T:  100 shares @ $35.26 --- Yield  5.56%

Total capital invested is $3,532.83 and will add $196 to my yearly dividends.

Forward dividends are $440.


Monday, October 16, 2017

October 2017 Net Worth

All figures are generated from Mint.com. Another really solid $18k gain. I'm getting really close to reaching escape velocity. For the first time in three months my home value actually increased about $1,000. I had record high income in September so that along with a surging market really boosted my net worth.

Starting this month my income will be a lot lower which is fine, but my net worth will be more influenced by the market from this point forward.

Also my combined checking, savings, and Lending Club accounts surpassed $410k this month which is what I plan to use to fund my retirement prior to using my 401k and later SSI. 


Checking --- $12,968
Savings/Investments --- $388,356
Lending Club --- $8,645
HSA --- $2,718
IRA --- $9,487
401K --- $335,601
House --- $129,258



Net Worth


YTD Totals

May 2017 --- $835,009
July 2017 --- $851,904 

Aug 2017 --- $860,072
Sept 2017 --- $869,374

Oct 2017 --- $887,033

There is no down time when building a path that doesn't lead back to ZERO!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Recent Buy --- GE

Today I initiated a position in GE.

  • GE:  100 shares @ $22.98 --- Yield  4.18%

Total capital invested is $2304.45 and this purchase will add $96.00 to my yearly dividends.

Forward dividends are $244.00.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Position eliminated --- Old pay $220k - New pay $120k

In recent months I have mentioned that there have been some major changes in my job situation. The owner passed away earlier this year and the new owner has made management shakeups at the top here at work over the past four months. This is typically what happens with new ownership. No hard feelings at all!!

While I have come to work each day and have been repeatedly told that I will "always" have a job here, inside I knew that something would happen fairly soon. I have worked here 23 years and was optimistic that I could make it through this year. That appears to be the case and likely I can stay for many years if I choose to.

Many people have been fired, reassigned, demoted, or put into impossible work environments and it reminds me of the "Who Moved My Cheese" book from the early 2000s. Things like this happens across all industry classes throughout cities large and small all across the country.

This is the purpose of having FU money. When a change occurs, we aren't saying "This isn't fair, I wan't things to go back to the way they were". When changes occurs, reverse is never an option even if it makes complete sense. The train keeps rolling forward with or without us. Understanding this fact early on will spare you a lot of brain damage.

Today I received my washout commission check from September and grinned as I saw the total commissions for the month...

$21,608 (All time high)

Starting this month my base pay will be $120,000 which is still a lot of money. In fact, I may make quite a bit more. Who knows?

Another change will be no longer getting off work at 6:00 every night. Two or three nights a week I will have to work a late shift until 9:00pm. Now the good news is I don't have to come in until 11:30am on those days.

Making $17-20k per month and getting off at 6 each night is almost impossible to give up. Who the hell in their right mind would quit a job like that?? That has been a big problem for me during the past 4 years. I have made and saved a shit load of money, but I would be viewed as a complete idiot if I voluntarily left this type of job.

So the position that I had was eliminated completely with no replacement. I went back to my previous position within the company. This is good news in that I don't have to fear some paranoid, sadistic, ballbuster who hates the idea of me still be around to possibly undermine him. I wouldn't anyway as this is not my style.

So while the idea of leaving a $200k plus position sounds ludicrous, the idea of $120k with shitty hours doesn't. Especially since I have ton of FU money and am essentially FI.

I am typing this at work right now and am feeling a great sense of relief and have a strange peace within me right now!!

This has been a great day and am looking forward to next step which will be complete separation from the traditional work force. Early next year is the plan!! This job change has been the catalyst I have needed to transition into FI completely

Stay tuned!!