Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recent Buy --- PFE

Today I initiated a position in Pfizer.

  • PFE:  300 shares @ $28.95 --- Yield 4.15%

Total capital invested is $8,690.75 and will add $360.00 to my yearly dividends. It's tough to find any decent values in the market right now, but this purchase seems pretty solid at 4%. If the price drops into the $27 range, I'll probably add more to this position.

I was really wanting to wait a bit longer before starting any purchases again, but I get impatient as has been documented over and over again... :-) I'm actually pretty proud of the restraint I have shown in recent months.....with only the occasional buying spree.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

February 2016 Dividends

It's was a pretty uneventful month in February from a dividend standpoint. I bought some shares early in the month only to dump most of the positions I created in January. Between options gains and some short term capital gains (around $6k), I have been able to reduce some of my energy positions without too much of a collective loss.

Here is my dividend summary.

  • NEA --- $22.63
  • AAPL --- $8.32

Total dividends received in my taxable account is $30.95. Yikes that's pretty weak. 

I have been adding to my cash positions and am closing in on $300k. Once I reach that threshold, there is going to be some serious buying with no selling going forward. Current forward dividends are around $1000 per year.