Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 2017 Net Worth

All figures are generated from Mint.com. It's good to see an $8,000 monthly gain. I'm getting really close to reaching escape velocity. The only account that appears to have gone down is my house. The value fell from $131,000 to $129,000. The two month home value has fallen about $7,000 from $136,000 to $129,000. 

The job front is still a bit shaky, but I'm holding on. It does feel good to have enough FU money not to worry about things. Many others are continuing to sweat their asses off worrying. In fact, we closed one department about three weeks ago and laid off 8 workers. Crazy times indeed!


Checking --- $11,501
Savings --- $373,441
Lending Club --- $9,618
HSA --- $2577
Brokerage --- $0
IRA --- $9,252
401K --- $323,898
House --- $129,785



Net Worth


YTD Totals

May 2017 --- $835,009
July 2017 --- $851,904 
Aug 2017 --- $860,072

There is no down time when building a path that doesn't lead back to ZERO!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 Dividend Summary

Here are the dividends received in my taxable account last month.

  • KO --- $97.79
  • GE --- $60.91
  • M --- $57.00
  • KMB --- $39.24
  • MO --- $21.72
  • VAIB --- $16.25
  • NKE --- $7.22

Total dividends received are $300.13

Despite selling all my stocks in the middle of June, I had a few that had already went ex-dividend. Not too shabby.

I'm sitting on a pile of cash while the work situation becomes more clear. So far I have survived a ton of management changes and continue to do well. I'll probably wait a few more months and at that point I will most likely be totally FI just living off the cash saved. Knowing me I most likely will start investing again!