Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Recent Buy --- HCP

Today I initiated a position in HCP

  • HCP:  100 shares @ $27.70 --- Yield  5.34%

Total capital invested is $2,776.45 and will add $148.00 to my yearly dividends. 

Usually buying HCP below $30 is a pretty good investment idea and hope this continues to be the case.  Back in June I liquidate my entire portfolio due to extreme uncertainty with my job. Since then things have stabilized and my cash balance is sitting at just over $400,000. I'll likely keep my cash at that level and will invest anything over $400,000.

Forward dividends are $148.00.


Friday, September 15, 2017

September 2017 Net Worth

All figures are generated from Another really solid $9k gain. I'm getting really close to reaching escape velocity. The only account that continues to go down is my house. The value fell from $129,000 to $128,000. The three month home value has now fallen about $9,000 from $136,000 to $129,000. 

Hurricane Harvey kicked the shit out of us down here in Houston last month, but fortunately I live north of the city and was spared any flood damage. My business was closed for 5 days however, so it is tough sledding for a lot of my coworkers. Some lost everything while most knew someone who was affected by the record flooding.

Since my company sells products that were wiped out during the floods, business is at record levels this month and the boom should continue to throughout the remainder of 2017. That's some welcome news!

Also since my combined checking, savings, and Lending Club accounts surpassed $400k this month, I will start investing in dividend stocks again very soon. $400k in cash is the number that renders me FI. :)


Checking --- $18,063
Savings --- $373,455
Lending Club --- $8,728
HSA --- $2,728
Brokerage --- $0
IRA --- $9,382
401K --- $328,434
House --- $128,584



Net Worth


YTD Totals

May 2017 --- $835,009
July 2017 --- $851,904 

Aug 2017 --- $860,072
Sept 2017 --- $869,374

There is no down time when building a path that doesn't lead back to ZERO!