Friday, January 10, 2014

First Dividends of the Year!

I received my first two dividends of the year thanks to Altria and Philip Morris Int'l.

Dividend received:

  • MO --- $72.00
  • PM --- $56.40

To some, $128.40 may not seem like much money, but I like to look at things a little differently.  Slow, steady, consistent progress each month will allow me to reach my goal of financial freedom within the next five years!

While paying my $131.38 electric bill this morning I am reminded that no one company in my dividend pipeline may seem very significant, but collectively they will pay all my monthly bills one day.  I look forward to my next dividend in the middle of January.  This time a high yielding reit will come up to bat!


  1. Love PM and big MO and congrats on hitting $500 annual dividends with these 2! Let the compounding begin.

    1. AA,

      Thanks for stopping by. I really do like these two companies. I plan on buying many more shares as the year goes by.