Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases

Here are the purchases for this week.

  • ESV:  5.92 shares @ $50.60 --- Yield  5.93% 
  • GM:  12.36 shares @ $32.37 --- Yield  3.71%  (inital position)
  • PAYX:  9.93 shares @ $40.27 --- Yield  3.48%  (initial position)
  • PFE:  13.36 shares @ $29.86 --- Yield  3.48%
  • CLX:  4.47 shares @ $89.40 --- Yield  3.18%

Total capital invested this week is $1900 ($400 each in GM, PAYX, PFE, CLX, and $300 in ESV).  The combined yield of these five purchases is 3.85% and will add $73.15 to my yearly dividends.

GM and Paychex are new additions to my dividend pipeline. 

GM shares have been hit hard recently in the wake of the ignition switch recalls.  In late December 2013, GM was trading at an all time high near $42.  Shares are currently trading below their IPO price of $33 from a few years ago.  The dividend history is virtually non existent.  Only one dividend has been paid ($.30) since its 2009 bankruptcy.  It appears the company has made tremendous strides in product development and cost restructuring.  I hope this can become a core holding over time.

Paychex is down quite a bit from its recent highs (near $46) which also was reached in December 2013.  This is the 26th individual company that I now own.  I probably won't add many new companies this year.  Instead, I will try to focus on adding to my current positions.

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