Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases

Here are my weekly purchases for this past week.

  • ARCP:  31.04 shares @ $12.89 --- Yield  7.76%
  • ESV:  13.84 shares @ $50.60 --- Yield  5.93%
  • BP:  13.69 shares @ $51.13 --- Yield  4.58%
  • VZ:  14.76 shares @ $47.43 --- Yield  4.47%

Total capital invested is $2500 ($700 each in ESV, BP, and VZ and $400 in ARCP).  The combined dividend yield is 5.44% and will add $136.00 to my yearly dividends.

$100/Week Challenge---Week 2

Well so far I'm 2/2.  ESV and ARCP are low hanging fruit however.  I'm ok with that for the first couple of months, but eventually I will have to start accumulating other companies.  This will be when the real challenge begins.  


  1. That is some pretty nice yield there. I think my fav from the 4 would be BP. I see ARCP on everyone’s portfolio. I guess that kind of yield is just too tempting. Has kind of a high payout ratio though.

    1. Keith,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that some of my recent purchases are a bit speculative. With that said, I have a pretty solid core of companies so I'm ok reaching a little bit outside of my normal comfort zone. By the end of the year I will undoubtedly purchase many more shares of T, KO, PEP, PG, PFE, PM, CVX, CLX, GE and other wide moat companies.

      Take care,