Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekly Run Log 10k Milestone Reached

Here are my runs for this week.

Sunday:  10k--6.25 miles  (high school track)                       
Monday:  Idle
Tuesday:  3.5 miles  (neighborhood) 
Wednesday:  Idle
Thurday: 2.75 miles  (neighborhood)
Friday:  3 miles  (neighborhood)
Saturday:  3 miles  (high school track)

Weekly Total:  18.5 miles

The weather in Houston was about normal for this time of year----80 and humid in the mornings.


I finally finished a 10k after six months of running.  It was only one more lap than last week, but it was both difficult and very rewarding.  I started running at 6:45 and finished in 1 hour and 3 minutes which is a 10:03 minute per mile pace. 

I was dying at the end and needed three fifteen second water breaks during my run.  Sunday is my only day off each week and I hate the idea of getting up 5:30, but the heat is too much during a long run. 

The good news is I felt no effects of fatigue, shin splints, or general pains during the next few days.


I added a lit bit of distance to my three weekday runs and felt great after each one.  I still prefer running on the track and will probably do that more often.  I have not noticed any ill effects from increasing the mileage this week.  My knees feel great and my breathing is normal.  I have also noticed more energy while at work.

Today--My wife joins me

I was going to take today off since I have a long run tomorrow and a 12 hour workday today.  My wife for the first time asked if I would go running with her at the track.  She recently started running about 6 weeks ago.  Obviously I was excited she wanted to go running with me and I jumped out of bed full of energy at 5:30 this morning.  Even though we run at different paces, this was by far my most enjoyable run of the week with her present.  I finished 3 miles in 27 minutes.

I will probably work on increasing the mileage totals during my weekday runs and lower my time on Sunday runs.  10k is a good solid base for now.


  1. So what is your top times for 1k? 5k? 10k?

    1. AG,

      I have only reached 10k once, that was this past Sunday and I ran 1 hour and 3 minutes. My fastest 5k so far is 27 minutes. I'm not super fast yet, but I am working on increasing my speed.


    2. Congrats on the new milestone, MDP. 27 minutes for 5K is still a good time. Keep it up!


    3. R2R,

      Thanks buddy. I plan on it getting a little faster each month.


  2. Congratulations on reaching a milestone.

    1. DGJ,

      Thank you. Now that I have reached 10k I am going to work on more miles per week and increasing my speed.


  3. its a great news that your wife decided to join you! It is always nice to be a team! and congrats on 10k.

    1. Thanks HHWG! It is always nice to have a hobby that we both enjoy.


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  5. George,

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    I hope you come back and visit again!