Friday, November 6, 2015

Recent Buy --- HCP

Today I added to my position in HCP.

  • 200 shares @ $34.05 --- Yield  6.64%

Total capital invested is $6816.95 and will add $452.00 to my yearly dividends.

I have been making a lot of changes to my portfolio recently....mostly liquidating positions. Fortunately I have been making most of my sales in the last couple of weeks near the highs.

I did sell of 200 shares of HCP a on October 28th around $39, but this big drop today compelled me to jump back in.

Current forward dividends are around $12,000 as I have reduced my stock positions by around $115,000. Some of the major sells have been my mutual fund holdings along with MSFT, some CVX, DLR, MO, and a big chunk of PM,

I hope to update the blog in the next month or so.



  1. Missed your posts MDP. Welcome back! Look forward to your next post.

  2. HCP still looks good here and I wouldn't mind adding more to my portfolio but I have several other companies ahead of it on my buy list. Hope that previous sell of HCP was for a gain, if not you'll have to deal with the wash sale issues.

  3. Welcome back, MDP.

    There are times I toy with the idea of unloading some of my big gainers and then trying to buy them back later. Then I think that takes me down a path of becoming a trader with capital gains tax implications, and that's not something I want to do or deal with.

    It's a constant struggle.

    Hopefully today's panic sell on REITs will be it, even when the inevitable rate cut is formally announced. I picked up some HCP about two bucks more expensive. For now I'll hold off adding more.



  4. Welcome back MDP. I was missing your posts this few weeks. Hope everything it´s ok in your life.

    Hopefully you can post as usual.

    Why have you sold CVX, MO or PM? Do you think these are expensive?

    Best wishes.

  5. That's a great entry point -- I also bought on Friday (a new position for me), but "only" 75 shares. Happy to be a fellow shareholder!

    Take care!

  6. Timely post as I just mentioned my recent buys with VTR and HCN. I like HCP too and if these conditions persist I'll be adding to my HCP as well. Seems like the health REITs are the place to be these days courtesy of the Fed and rate hike chatter. Nice addition on your end.

  7. The yield on HCP is very nice. Health Care + REITS = high dividends and favorable trends.

  8. MDP,
    Good to see you're back. I like HCP and all the names like it (HCN, OHI, etc.). I am curious to read your next update on the portfolio changes you've made, especially since I am long MSFT as you were.
    - Gremlin

  9. Dear Dividend Community,

    since the Tax on Dividends in Germany are 30%,
    and will be changed to personal tax circiumstances ( in my sitatuon50%...)

    is the dividendgrowth strategy making sense ?...