Tuesday, March 7, 2017

QCOM raises dividend 7.55% --- New yield is 4.02%

Today QCOM announced that it will be raising its quarterly dividend from $.53 to $.57. This represents a 7.55% increase and brings the yield above 4%

QCOM is already scheduled to pay a $.53 dividend later this month, so I assume the new dividend payout will begin in June.

Since I currently own 45 shares, my yearly dividends will increase by $7.20.

2017 Dividend raises
  • OHI:  1.64% --- $3.20
  • KMB:  5.43% --- $8.03
  • GILD:  10.64% --- $10.49
  • CSCO:  11.54% --- $13.92
  • TROW:  5.56% --- $9.09
  • KO:  5.71% --- $20.96
  • QCOM:  7.5% --- $7.20

Total yearly dividend increase is $72.89.


  1. That is a fantastic increase, a total increase of over $70 so far this year, that is awesome. Well done.

    1. BHL,

      Yeah I decided to keep a running total of the raises just to reinforce the value of dividend growth. If I included dripping the dividend increases would be even more spectacular.


  2. I unloaded GILD, but I need to get back into it. It's still 40% down from all time high.

    I like the raises without doing anything. I've already sunk $400 into fixing the dryer, and it's still not fix as now the washer is broke. It's a stackable so now I must get it fixed somehow. such dilemma now. That's why dividend is the favorite, super passive income. hehe

    1. vivianne,

      I'm watching GILD closely as well and actually own an April $67.50 call that I will bought a month ago and would love to exercise. If the stock climbs back into the mid $70 I'll probably buy the shares.