Friday, February 1, 2019

January 2019 Net Worth

All figures except my Jeep value are generated from 

After experiencing a brutal 9.2% S&P decline in December, the markets bounced back big time climbing 7.9% in January! This is the best January since 1987!!

The market definitely helped my portfolio in a major way. My net worth gained just under $23,000. When you are retired and have no traditional employment income it's nice to see these types of months. 

While I had my lowest spend month in December, my property taxes and yearly auto insurance were due in January making it my most expensive month since I retired. Also January is the first month since August that I didn't receive some sort or credit card rebate. I have been averaging about $400 a month since September.  I could receive about $1,000 in rebates in February depending on payouts.

I lowered my Jeep value $2,000 from 21,500 to $19,500. I'll probably drop it down to $17,500 around the middle of the year. My home dropped about $1500 as well.

After goofing off during my first six months of retirement, I've been more focused on building up my dividend portfolio, CD income, and credit card churning. I came real close to receiving $1,000 in passive income from taxable and retirement accounts in January. I don't consider credit card bonus points income. I account for them as expense reduction. It really doesn't matter, net worth is net worth. 

Anyway, here are January's numbers.


Checking --- $1944
Savings/Investments --- $359,979
Lending Club --- $2,182
HSA --- $2,644
IRA --- $9,719
401K --- $354,134
2014 Jeep Wrangler --- $19,500
House --- $142,466



Net Worth


YTD Totals


Jan 2019 --- $887,560


Jan 2018 --- $917,116
Feb 2018 --- $910,667

Mar 2018 --- $909,746
Apr 2018 --- $903,416

May 2018 --- $889,032
Jun 2018 --- $893,278

Jul 2018 --- $892,002
Aug 2018 --- $896,619

Sep 2018 --- $899,763
Oct 2018 --- $876,927

Nov 2018 --- $891,402
Dec 2018 --- $864,613


May 2017 --- $835,009
July 2017 --- $851,904 

Aug 2017 --- $860,072
Sept 2017 --- $869,374

Oct 2017 --- $887,033
Nov 2017 --- $897,145

Dec 2017 --- $914,266

There is no down time when building a path that doesn't lead back to ZERO


  1. Fantastic. That's a very nice rebound. Losing near 10% in the first place is not a nice feeling.

    1. BHL,

      January has literally be a complete reversal from December. For the last several years buying during corrections has paid off!


  2. I lowered my Jeep value $2,000 from 21,500 to $19,500. I'll probably drop it down to $17,500 around the middle of the year. My home dropped about $1500 as well.Adam Sandler Net Worth

  3. Wow, it's crazy to see how net worth grow in the market that quickly and that dramatically. If you want to reinvest your dividend stocks you will see that type of growth as well.

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