Monday, July 8, 2019

June 2019 Passive Income

Here is the passive income I received from both taxable and retirement accounts.

Taxable Account

  • ABALX --- $660.60
  • Amegy CD --- $340.90
  • SO --- $64.06
  • F --- $52.50
  • XOM --- $52.48
  • IBM --- $41.03
  • KHC --- $36.26
  • LB --- $30.54

Retirement Account

  • 65/35 S&P 500/Bonds --- $1217.95

Total June 2019 passive income is $2,496.32

Not much to say other than everything is progressing nicely and early retirement is going well. I try to do new things each day and continue to collect memorable experiences. So far so good. I honestly haven't paid much attention to stock values or dividend yields. 

Spreadsheets, valuations, and spending hours researching stocks isn't what life is about. Exploring, hiking, swimming, yoga, wine tasting, and relationships are what I focus on now. 



  1. Sounds like an excellent month. Great work mate.

  2. One word for you mon ami! "Awesome"!

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