Friday, April 3, 2020

Recent Purchase

Today I initiated a position in SPG.

  • SPG:  20 shares @ $46.71 --- Yield 17.98%

Total capital invested is $934.25 and will increase my dividends by $168.00 

Obviously there is a lot of uncertainty in the markets right now and REITs of all kinds have been left for dead. This dividend is likely to be cut by 70-100% if we the plague continues to shut US business down. If things get back to normal soon, SPG along with all equities will bounce back quickly. 

SPG was trading around $150 a few months back and close to $200 during the past year. This is a spec play and I don't plan to add more shares.

I also had a limit order put in for T at $27.00, but it stayed just above that level.