Wednesday, May 20, 2020

April 2020 Passive Income

Here is the passive income I received from both taxable and retirement accounts

Taxable Account

  • Taxpayer funded stimulus --- $1200.00
  • Amegy CD --- $527.72
  • MO --- $280.56
  • GEO --- $91.20
  • PM --- $70.20
  • M --- $64.18
  • BGS --- $47.50
  • BND --- $6.86

Retirement Account

  • 65/35 S&P 500/Bonds --- $239.96

Total April 2020 passive income is $2528.18

There are a couple of anomalies to report this month. First I received a government direct deposit as a result of the pandemic. I certainly don't need it and will gladly return it back to some local citizens via various charity donations.

I also received more interest income from Amegy this month because a CD I renewed in December was accruing interest rather than depositing it into my checking account. I finally had this corrected and received several months interest in April. The interest payment should be around $30 a month going forward.

I'm looking forward to the back half of this year as I have put a lot of capital to work recently.



  1. MDP -

    There you go. Big tobacco dividends coming in heavy. Hope Macy's comes back soon for you.


  2. There's nothing like earning money without doing much work for it. Getting that stimulus check was good. Congrats on the strong passive income numbers for April.

  3. I am new to investing and receiving dividends. I study all possible ways of investing. Thank you for sharing this information and your experience! Your experience is inspiring!