Thursday, August 25, 2022

MO raises dividend 4.44% --- New yield is 8.11%


Today MO raised its quarterly dividend from $.90 to $.94. This represents a 4.44% increase from last year. The dividend is payable on 10/11/22 and the ex-dividend date is 9/14/22.

While it would have been nice to see a dividend hike closer to the rate of inflation, MO was already yielding around 8% so this is somewhat expected.

Since I currently hold 8370 shares, this will increase my yearly dividends $1339.20 from $30,132 to $31,471.20.


  1. I will be enjoying that raise as well my friend! I know you are heavy MO, what other stocks are on your watch list?

  2. Keep going and posting, don't let the current state of the market stop you.

  3. Miss your updates. Hope you are well.