Friday, September 4, 2015

New Purchase --- PX

After another volatile day in the markets I added shares of PX to my portfolio.

  • PX:  25 shares @ $101.70 --- Yield  2.81%  (initial position)

Total capital invested is $2549.45 and will raise my yearly dividends by $71.50.



  1. I was looking at this after Dividend Mantra profiled it months ago - found that it was an interesting business. Am still not sure I understand the gases business properly, so some research needed before I jump in.

    But its been on my watchilst and its been falling week after week. Congrats on the purchase

  2. The gas business is solid long term. I have APD in my portfolio and have been very happy over the years. I also looked at PX and ARG for other good picks in the sector.

  3. MDP,

    Congratulations on the purchase, 25 whopping shares adding over $70 in income is incredible. Glad to see you back in action.


  4. MDP,

    Keep crushing it! I've been on the road little of late, so I missed a lot of activity. Still cool to see you pile on to your machine.

    - Gremlin