Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Recent Buy --- RDS-b

Today, on further weakness, I added to my Shell position.

  • RDS-b:  35 shares @ $48.26 --- Yield  7.79%

Total capital invested is $1696.05 and will add $131.60 to my yearly dividends. BP and BBL are also very tempting at their current levels. I may be wrong, but I really believe these are great times to be creating and adding to energy positions. I haven't updated my portfolio sheet in a few months, but this purchase puts me right at 200 shares of Shell.



  1. Me too! I bought 48 RDS-B shares today at $47.66 which puts my total at 289 shares (cost basis now lower at $58.30 which seems "ok"). I also thought about lowering my cost basis with BP & BBL but refrained! Feel unsure about those two right now. It's very tempting though. I gather the commodity glut could last many many years so I guess I'll let reinvested dividends lower my BBL cost basis. However if BBL and BP fall into the 20s I will buy! I also bought the UK energy company AMEC Foster Wheel today (initial position) which pays 5.5% dividend and appears to be a good value. Have you heard of it? Your blog is very interesting, thank you.

    1. It's me again. I just bought some BP at $29.93.
      Although I wonder, now that it's broken that $30 level will it be in freefall?

  2. What can I say? Me too! Bought 37 shares @ $47.69 today. BP & BBL are also very high on my list and I will be a buyer soon.
    Cheers & good luck

  3. Me too bought 60 shares of RDS.B on Friday @49.76. BP is really tempting because of the yield. DO you believe BP's dividend is safe though?

  4. Great minds think alike. Picked up 20 shares of RDS.B @47.90. BP appears to have plenty of cash to cover litigation. My guess is in 5 years BP in the low 30s will look like a steal.

  5. Nice to see you're still adding to the portfolio MDP. Keep it up. Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing and taking the time. We'll see another post when we see it. :) Cheers bud.