Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recent Buy --- NEA

Today I added more tax free munis fund to my portfolio.

  • NEA:  150 shares @ $13.19 --- Yield  6.22% (Tax exempt)

Total capital invested is 1985.90 and will add $123 to my yearly dividends.

High yielding stocks aren't the only thing under pressure recently, munis are experiencing some major pain as well. NEA reached a peak of about $15.25 a few months back and has fallen over 15% since bringings it's tax free yield up over 6%. For me that is the equivalent of a 9% REIT or a 7.5% qualified dividend stock. I'm in at this level and will gladly add more shares if it continues its decent.

There is certainly more than one way to skin a cat and munis are a great complement to my dividend and lending club portfolios.

PM, T, VZ, SO, CLX, CL, GILD and NKE are in my sights as well.

Forward dividends are around $4700.



  1. Perfectly timed post. I'm looking to put $5k - $10k into MUNIs right now. NEA is on my list. Are you looking at any other funds? Why did you pick this one over others?

    1. Got the idea from financial velociraptor. Only one I'm watching.