Thursday, December 20, 2018

Recent Buys -- PM & XOM

Today I added to my PM and XOM positions.

  • PM:  30 shares @ $69.91 --- Yield  6.53%
  • XOM:  30 shares @ $69.75 --- Yield  4.70%

Total capital invested is $4189.80 and the combined yield is 5.61%.  These purchases will add $235.20 to my yearly dividends.

Lots of weakness in these two companies and I will probably add more as the PM yield approaches 7%. I will also watch MO closely and will go strong if the price dips into the $30s.

I only own XOM in the energy space right now. BP and Shell surprisingly have held up better than XOM. I will start adding to BP and Shell if the yields reach 8% or higher.

Another off the grid company is SMG. The share price has fallen by $50 from $110 to $60 pushing the yield up to around 3.5%. If it reaches 4% I will initiate a position.


  1. Nice pickup! I had a $72 price target in mind for increasing my position in XOM, I may pull the trigger on this one today also. Another currently energy holding of mine, PSX, has been a recent target as well.

    1. PIV,

      This is the highest yield I've seen for XOM in a while. Usually it trades at a premium to the other majors, but has trading at a discount for a couple of years now. I can't remember the last time CVX's yield was higher.


  2. Both solid acquisitions Big Guy! Merry Christmas to you and your bad self!