Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Recent Buy --- CSCO


Today I initiated a position in CSCO.

  • CSCO:  7 shares @ $39.99 --- Yield  3.60%

Total capital invested is $279.90 and will add $10.08 to my yearly dividends. I've owned CSCO in the past and at a much lower price, but this appears to be a decent value within the tech sector.

I'm patiently waiting for XOM to get back down to around $35 or BP to reach the mid teens.



  1. MDP -

    Yep, I am looking to nibble a share or two at these levels for Cisco. Not a bad play with them in Tech. Stiff competition within each segment, i.e. Zoom, Microsoft, IBM, etc.. but I do like CSCO.


    1. Lanny,

      Yeah I have IBM and CSCO as well. Used to have MSFT a few years back..Damn wish I kept those shares. Oddly I'm looking at INTC as well. Nothing wrong with some solid 3-4% tech plays to complement IBM.