Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Recent Buys --- XOM & T


Today I added a few more shares to my XOM & T positions.

  • XOM:  7 shares @ $34.55 --- Yield  9.96%
  • T:  9 shares @ $27.99 --- Yield  7.43%

Total capital invested is $493.77. The combined yield of these purchases is 8.67% and will add $42.08 to my yearly dividends.

I'll keep nibbling at T here. If the yield on T reaches 10% I'll likely add a few hundred more shares. XOM probably won't maintain the current dividend. I expect at least a 50% cut in the coming months. We'll see.


  1. MDP -

    WHOA - that's a big move there... very curious on what happens with XOM.


    1. Lanny,

      Man it's hard to say. Will they rebound like many times before or do they become GE or F?


  2. Great buy. The valuation for XOM is good but the perspektives don't look good. It's a true bet on rising oil prices. I guess it should pay off in the future.