Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Recent Buy --- BP

Today I added a few shares to my BP position.

  • BP:  25 shares @ $16.64 --- Yield  7.57%

Total capital invested is $415.95 and will add $31.50 to my yearly dividends.

BP has already halved its dividend this year so it should be good going forward. I bought most of my shares during the March lows and we are approaching those levels again so hopefully this will prove to be a good buying point.


  1. Hello. Lets see dividend oportunites during covid-19


    Peter from Slovakia

  2. MDP -

    I tip my cap on that bold move sir!


  3. Been holding BP since 2013. Paid a lot of dividends over the years but its performance has been very disappointing. I continue to buy at these levels as well. Oil is a frustrating sector to say the least. Best of luck and keep up the great work!