Monday, October 19, 2020

Recent Buy --- T


Today I added to my T position.

  • T:  13 shares @ $26.97 --- Yield  7.71%

Total capital invested is $350.57 and will add $27.04 to my yearly dividends.

T continues to underperform the broader market for the year, well decade really. We are approaching the March pandemic lows which means the yield is very appealing.

I have $250,000 in CDs that are up for renewal during the next 8 months so I continue to looks for replacement income and T is a good solution for sure. Replacing 1.5%-2.5% CDs with 7.75% with future capital appreciation (hopefully) works for me. My intention is to replace the first $100,000 CD @ 1.4% with $10,000 of T which replaces half of the lost income. I'll replace the rest of the lost income with other stocks.

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