Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases

Here are my first purchases for March:

  • KMI:  12.53 shares @ $31.92 --- Yield  5.14%
  • GE:  13.62 shares @ $25.70 --- Yield  3.42%
  • PEP:  3.74 shares @ $80.17 --- Yield  3.27%
  • T:  9.36 shares @ $32.06 --- Yield  5.74%
Total new capital invested is $1350 ($400 KMI, $350 GE, $300 PEP and T).  The combined yield is 4.41% and these purchases will add $59.50 to my annual dividends.

Unfortunately my purchases went through on a big up day in the market.  This is the first time I have added KMI since last September.  There is a some risk with both KMI and T, but hopefully these will prove to be values like TGT in December and January.  This is my third addition to PEP in the last month. 


  1. Nice buys! I added a little KMI today also. For some reason, it seems like there isn't many down days on Tuesdays when our ShareBuilder purchases go through.

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    2. AAI,

      Oops accidental delete.

      A 1000 point drop on Tuesdays would be great. ;-) I told myself I was going to steer clear of non-cornerstone companies (PG, MSFT, CVX, PM, T, KO, PEP, etc.) for a while, but I couldn't resist picking up some KMI after the recent pullback.

      Take care!

  2. Nice buy on the KMI. Great minds think alike! lol

    1. I actually got the idea from your purchases last week. lol