Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekly Sharebuilder Purchases

Here are my weekly purchases:

  • BBL:  8.24 shares @ $60.71 --- Yield  3.89%
  • BP:  10.28 shares @ $48.65 --- Yield  4.69%
  • KMI:  15.76 shares @ $31.74 --- Yield  5.17%
Total capital invested is $1500.00 ($500 in each company).  The combined yield of these purchases is 4.58% and will add $68.74 to my annual dividends.

This is my first BBL purchase.  It hit a high of $66 earlier this year and has recently pulled back.  I feel this will be a nice addition to my dividend pipeline.


  1. Replies
    1. FFdividend,

      Thanks for stopping by. I plan on making dividend purchases every week until I reach FI.


  2. Wow you're growing that portfolio like a weed! Any thoughts to a particular level of income or net worth where you'd call it quits?

    1. CI,

      It's hard to say for sure. I think $3000 a month in passive income would allow me to leave the rat race. I would still probably have to work some but at least not full time. I currently save about 75% of my income. Hopefully within 5 years I will be able to reach my endgame.

      Thanks for stopping by!