Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Purchase --- BBL

Today I added to my BBL position.

  • BBL: 100 shares @ $33.89 --- Yield  7.32%

Total capital invested is $3395.95. My yearly dividends should increase by $248.00 assuming BBL maintains its current dividend.

This is my only purchase so far this month. I will continue to take it easy, but will buy when something compelling comes along. WMT and CVX are at insane levels right now.



  1. Good to see you back and buying aggressively again. But continue to take it easy.

  2. Nicely done, MDP. Good to see you are back and investing away.


  3. MDP!

    Good to see you're back. Man, BBL has been on my hot stock watch for a while now. Nice move.

    - Gremlin

  4. Good buy! I would be surprised if oil falls further.

    Dividend Freedom

  5. Nice buy MDP. We added to our position a couple bucks ago, and will do so again soon. Whether BBL cuts the dividend or not, they have a strong financial position and are a low cost operator. I see the current strategy being akin to the Saudi's maintaining production to squeeze competition and gain marketshare. We initiated on Walmart yesterday, since you mentioned WMT. I suspect there are good times ahead for investors with dry powder!

  6. I own BBL and many oil major. I've been adding to CVX and XOM but man it feels like catching a falling knife! I'm taking a break for now until I see signs of reversal or started seeing news about oil companies going bankrupt.

  7. We also purchased a few more shares of BBL lately. Although no guarantees but its hard to look away when the yield above 7%. We are buying huge lots because of our 100 free trades a year but will continue to buy high quality oil stocks if they continue to fall further. You know what Buffet says - Be Greedy when others are fearful. :) AFFJ

  8. Mdp thanks a lot for being back! I hope everything settled at least a bit and the clouds and the fog is gone! You are such an inspiration for me and probably others reading your blog. I wish you all the best and every success necessary to reach your goals.