Friday, August 21, 2015

New Purhase --- CVX

Well I decided to add more shares of Chevron today.

  • CVX:  30 shares @ $76.89 --- Yield  5.57%

Total capital invested is $2313.65 which will increase my yearly dividends by $128.40.

At this rate CVX will be yielding over 6% very soon! Shell is already over 7% and XOM is over 4%. Great times to keep adding energy names. Blood is all over this sector.



  1. Great purchase. I am eyeing CVX as well....tempted to add here

  2. Would you ever take the risk of some of the smaller MLP's like Breitburn (BBEP - Great Management) or Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP - They were making money and paying off debt at $40 oil last quarter)? Or just stick with the big boys?

  3. Great buy...what an attractive price and yield for a dividend champion like CVX! Way to add another $128.40 to the passive income stream. Keep up the momentum buddy.

    Best wishes and continued success on your personal journey! AFFJ

  4. Good buy. Chevron is looking pretty darn good. I'll be adding next week most likely.

  5. Hope your doing okay MDP. Wish you the best my friend. Thanks for staying consistent on this journey. We will be here when everything is okay for you bud. Awesome Buy! Take care.

  6. MDP,

    It is wild in regards to the oil sector. Thanks for your continue postings during the time you need away MDP, always nice to see you being active still.


  7. MDP,

    There seems to be blood in the water of so many sectors. Going to make decisions hard not because they will be tough to find, but because there are so many quality choices. Happy hunting.

    - Gremlin

  8. I consider CVX more as a hold than a buy. The higher yield combined with actual situation for CVX means higher risks for future growth to me. It's a good one to have in a portfolio, but I think there are better growth opportunities out there.