Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Purchases

I went with the shotgun approach today as I haven't made any weekly purchases this month. I think I picked up some good companies! Here they are.

  • KMI:  8.09 shares @ $30.90 --- Yield  6.34%
  • GM:  8.77 shares @ $28.50 --- Yield  5.05%
  • PAYX:  5.64 shares @ $44.36 --- Yield  3.79%
  • PG:  3.53 shares @ $70.90 --- Yield  3.74%
  • KO:  6.41 shares @ $39.00 --- Yield  3.38%
  • JNJ:  2.65 shares @ $94.36 --- Yield  3.18%
  • WMT:  3.82 shares @ $65.38 --- Yield  3.00%
  • UNP:  3.01 shares @ $83.10 --- Yield  2.65% 

Total capital invested is $2000 ($250 in each company). The combined yield is 3.89% and will increase my yearly dividends by $77.80.



  1. Solid buys and way to take advantage of the market drop.

  2. Shotgun for sure, nice variety there too - minimal sector overlap on 8 buys, outstanding.

  3. We share some purchases: PG, KO, WMT and JNJ

  4. Good Job, taking advantage of this pull back is smart. when the market then turns around , and starts to move higher you will be glad you took advantage of opportunity. I know I am taking advantage of this pull back.

  5. Nice move MDP. We also grabbed shares of Union Pacific. I think we'll get plenty of value in the days/months ahead. Happy hunting!

  6. Thanks for sharing your shotgun approach. What all the Upcoming dividends on the next month pipeline.

  7. Nice purchases there and some new companies as well. WMT has definitely dropped a lot lately. I was adding each week through its fall from 80s to about 70. Now the stock is in mid-60s... KO and JNJ also have dropped quite a bit this week.

  8. hey dividend pipeline,

    two questions from a german follower:
    first of all i love how you invest in a big style,
    youre not like multiple others out there investing like 1k a month.
    Since im getting paychecks a little higher than that, i love too see how dividend investing works out for "big" investors/ if you invest a lot money. I hitted that 100k net worth at the age of 19 through a software/adbusiness i founded.
    So the first question is in what branch/position do you work at the moment, getting that high pay checks?

    Second question :
    I own a growth portfolio (dividends not in high focus), since we have to pay 25% tax on ALL dividends in germany, i would love to hear from a experienced investor, if dividend growth investing is suitable for people like me?

    Thanks for your time, excuse my bad english and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi there,

      I am from Germany as well and yes withholding tax sucks but I am still investing in dividend growth stocks. From my point of view the 25% are a hell lot of money but still I am making a lot of it via the dividends. I would disagree that there is a difference between the big money and the small money in the dividend growth strategy. I just have to spread my buys a little bit more just like MDP does. Personally my portfolio is hitting 40k € dividend a year some time in November and I am adding constantly.

      From what I have read in the blog no one knows MDP job but due to the location he is living and the salary I assume oil business.

      I guess you already know dividend-sammler.de it is not me and he is adding only smaller amounts per month but still a resource from Germany.

      Kind Regards

    2. Hey lars,
      Irgendeine Möglichkeit, dass ich dich paar Sachen Fragen kann? (zb Email)

  9. Lots of excellent purchases MDP. I wish I could have taken advantage of the market selloff but alas I was caught without capital. And it's a shame too because there were some ridiculous deals. Looks like you increased your stake in several companies and they all look solid.