Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 2015 Dividends --- TIMBER

Here are the dividends I received in December.

  • BP --- $181.24
  • RDS-b --- $98.58
  • CVX --- $91.46
  • TGT --- $81.20
  • JNJ --- $76.41
  • IBM --- $67.64
  • XOM --- $61.69
  • PFE --- $53.54
  • SO --- $48.95
  • KO --- $37.74
  • UL --- $33.85
  • AFL --- $27.47
  • ESV -- $25.11
  • NEA --- $24.01
  • UNP --- $15.60
  • AHITX --- $7.18

Total taxable passive income is $931.67. 


December 2014 passive income was $2298.32....this was the first major (50%+) YOY drop.



  1. It's been a rough one in Q4 of 2015. For you, in particular, with the heavy exposure to energy.

    If Iran/Saudi Arabia continue their descent in chaos, then maybe that can signal an oil bottom. But, for now, energy dividends are looking really fragile. When KMI dropped their dividend by 75%, despite revenue being held up, I started to wonder how much contagion there will be throughout the downstream companies.


    1. Retire29,

      You are correct. It was a rough 4th quarter, but stocks were the least of my problems. The divorce is what really took its toll on me. Actually since I liquidated 90% of my equities by early December I think I actually am in pretty good shape. Right now I own just a handful of companies and my portfolio is under $30k.


  2. Almost $1000 is still a nice haul. I know its quite the drop from the previous year but I'm sure once everything settles out that you will be back crushing it in no time! Keep your head up and keep grinding.

    Wish you all the best in 2016!


    1. ADD,

      You are spot on with $1000 being a good month. It will be quite some time before I am at that level again. I plan on building up the income stream again starting really soon!


  3. What was the reason for the big drop ?

    1. CD,

      Mostly a recent divorce. I also went ahead and sold 90% of my remaining stocks simply because I wanted to take a break for a little while. My portfolio balance was out of whack and I decided to hit the reset button. It looks like I was pretty fortunate dumping the positions during the Oct-Nov time period. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.


  4. As long as that divorce is in the rear view mirror you can focus on the job at hand. Nice to see a diverse group paying you for December even if it skews towards energy a bit. Still, a nice total for the month despite what you did last year. You did it once you can get back and do it again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. how much did those stocks cost? Seeing 900+ in dividends I can't understand what's the yield and if i'm able to achieve similar goals or is that from an investment of 200k?

    1. Anonymous,

      As a general rule, it would be very difficult to average $900 a month in dividends with less than $200k invested. You could buy high yielding stocks, but the dividends my become unsustainable.

      Best wishes on your investment journey!


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