Friday, January 8, 2016

Recent Buy --- Shell

Today I added to my Shell position.

  • RDS-b:  38 shares @ $39.85  Yield  9.43% (OK, we'll go with that for now.)

Total capital invested is $1521.25 and will add $142.88 to my yearly dividends. Talk about price compression. My share count is now around 157. At one point late last year, I had over 200 shares, but had 100 called away from me at $50. It's amazing how much this stock has fallen.

I went ahead and stayed with a smaller purchase this time. Hell it may be in the $20s before too long.
I also noticed BBL almost dropped into the $18s today. Crazy world!!!

After this week's ($3,000 worth of purchases), I have 13% (mostly oil companies) invested in the market with 87% in cash. 


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