Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HCP.....again?? Limit order filled

Well, I didn't expect my $29.99 limit order to get filled so quickly....I guess if I liked HCP at $33 yesterday I should love it below $30 today, right??

  • HCP:  50 shares @ $29.99 --- Yield  7.67%

Total capital invested invested is $1506.45 and will again increase my dividends by $115.00. 

At this pace HCP will be yielding 10% by the end of the week. I'll most likely look outside the REIT space if I decide to make any more purchases this month. I don't want to be overloaded in any one sector again. I am still trying to diversify out of my energy positions. Luckily many sectors are in bear market or even 50% haircut territory.



  1. I'm tempted to buy more US healthcare REITs as well. HCP, OHI and VTR are on my list.

  2. MDP,

    Nice! I almost added them to my Roth last time I bought. Nice entry price and 2nd price today. $230 in annual income, for some people that is a quarter or more of their paycheck.

    - Gremlin