Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recent Buy --- GILD

Today I initiated a position in GILD.

  • GILD:  25 shares @ 81.56 --- Yield  2.31%

Total capital invested is $2045.93 and will add $47 to my yearly dividends. This is the third drug company in my portfolio. I also own shares of PFE and ABT. Considering the ultra low payout ratio, this is a pretty solid starting yield. 

I'll be adding more shares if they drop down into the $70s.

Forward dividends are now hovering around $2200.



  1. MDP,

    Damn I've missed a lot here (been busy in general). Nice to see all of your buys. Of them, I like this one the most and finally they have become more fairly valued. Enjoy building your own wall, and may your moat be wide.

    - Gremlin

    1. DG,

      Thanks, my friend. I may jump back into the market again today. Some decent deals are surfacing.


  2. I looked at GILD today also. I bought it at $80, unloaded $85, so re-entry at $81 is not bad... still contemplating. LOL :) Might wait to see what's going to happen at Monday open. Let's the economists fight it out for the weekend.

    I'm sure there'll be more volitile in the coming months, as the market doesn't like uncertainty. But it'd be trader's dream LOL :)

    1. vivianne,

      I love your in and out strategy and did quite a bit of that at the beginning of the year, mostly through options though. I went ahead and jumped in today. It may get ugly again on Monday which is ok as I still have plenty of cash on hand to take advantage of increased volatility!

      Best wishes!