Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final 2016 Buy --- CSCO

Today I initiated a position in CSCO.

  • CSCO:  115 shares @ $30.38 --- Yield  3.42

Total capital is $3500.25 and will add $119.60 to my yearly dividends. I haven't done the exact math, but this purchase gets me to $6,000 in forward dividends. I have owned CSCO in the past and am glad to add shares once again, even though at a much higher buy price. The yield and dividend growth have been strong in recent years and makes a great complement to my MSFT position!

Hopefully the next couple of months provide better opportunities to add to existing positions. If we could duplicate Jan/Feb of 2016 that would be wonderful. It's really kills me that BA was trading around a $100 earlier this year and now has a $5.68 annual dividend. I bought and sold shares earlier this year and I could have had a 5.5% YOC. Crazy. Same story with CMI and many other industrials.

Forward dividends are around $6000.


1 comment:

  1. You rock. 6,000 in forward dividends is awesome. Hopefully I can add some money to my stocks next year took this month off to save up some money and spent it on coins lol.