Friday, December 23, 2016

Recent Buy --- OHI

Today I initiated a small position in OHI.

  • OHI:  80 shares @ $30.24 --- Yield  8.07%

Total capital invested is $2425.99 and will add $195.20 to my yearly dividends.

I have done a good job of avoiding high yielders this year, but I just glanced at my sector allocations and noticed the following.

  • Consumer Defensive --- 21.47%
  • Healthcare --- 17.28%
  • Consumer Cyclical --- 14.94%
  • Energy --- 11.14%

As you can see, this year's portfolio is definitely less volatile than in past years. I'll continue add value regardless of sector and quite honestly energy companies came through for me this year so I am glad that I kept them within my much smaller portfolio. I'm probably finished adding REITs for a while, but would love to double this position around $25.

Forward dividend are around $5750.

Next week will have some more big moves as well. 



  1. Good job have my eye on OHI you are close to 6,000 wich is awesome keep it up

    1. D&H,

      Thanks! I would love to add to the position in the future. First I want to bolster some of my less volatile/lower payout ratio positions.


  2. MDP,

    I am long OHI too, great yield point. I find that they have a very stable market and the market has beaten down REITs of late. Some of them may deserve it, but in this case its a lowering tide fallacy - which just makes these attractive buys.

    Enjoy the yield,

    1. Gremlin,

      REITs are part of a small group that presents value at the moment.