Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Goals

Here are few of the goals I would like to achieve during 2017.


Increase Lending Club balance from $10,000 to $15,000.
Reach $10,000 in forward passive income in my taxable account
Receive $8,000 in passive income in my taxable account

Build the following positions by year end

  • 200 shares of Exxon
  • 400 shares of Coke
  • 100 shares of Procter & Gamble
  • 200 shares of Verizon
  • 100 shares of Johnson & Johnson
  • 200 shares of Wells Fargo
  • 100 shares of Apple
  • 200 combined shares of PM & MO

Reach $900,000 in total net worth.

Health goals

Continue ACL knee rehab and start running again in March
Lots of hiking!!
Eat more grilled chicken and fish
2 gym visits a week

Education goals

Read at least 30 books on various business topics investing, retirement, sales, real estate, passive income, motivation, personal improvement

Get real estate and insurance licenses this year
Get myself knee deep into some serious grilling/smokin/outdoor cooking

Fun goals

Go on 1 cruise
Cabin rental and fishing trip
Attend a weekend baseball series at Disch Falk field in Austin
Hike a part of the PCT, Continental Divide Trail, or The Appalachian Trail
Continue learning how to play guitar
Transition back to a 5 day workweek 
Spend more time drinking cold beer in my hammock
Buy an old Jeep and just go driving off the grid every now and then

Professional goals

Continue to build a world class and dominant sales team
Promote at least two of my hand picked sales proteges into management
Increase sales by 10% and net profit by 25%
Earn $250,000 from my day job
Help build my girlfriend's new insurance career

Personal Goals

When not grinding my ass off at work, lots of family and friends time


  1. MDP -

    Damn solid goals there, through and through. Building up those positions is similar to what I'm doing for a few stocks I mentioned in my 2017 stocks I'm looking to buy.

    Also - the forward income, net worth and income for your day job seem attainable, given that you're a monster on the war path.

    The health will be key for you. Keep rehabbing, doing the right things and being patient.

    Nice work and best of luck, no doubt you'll be clawing away at these items!


    1. Lanny,

      There are certain a lot of successes and setbacks with the ACL rehab. I have reached 138 degrees in my range of motion, but still have random knee pains and can't even begin to run for a couple more months. Progress is progress though and I feel better each week.

      I can't wait to see every hit their targets for 2017. It's going to be a banner year. I just feel it!


  2. Great goals - I look forward to hearing about your hiking experiences. I hope to make a return trip to San Juan Mountains area of Colorado this summer. Here's to 2017 being a great year for all fellow dividend growth investors.

    1. DM,

      I can't wait to tackle some challenging hikes once my ACL is back to normal or close to normal. That hopefully will be during the summer sometime. I agree about the community goals. Everything is possible with a committed spirit and work ethic.


  3. Excellent goals man, every year it's fun to see everyone's goals continue to higher peaks. Best of luck and I'll certainly be following along.

    1. Stacker,

      Thanks for the comment! The motivation that is provided from everyone is HUGE! Best wishes for your 2017 as well!


  4. after you reach a certain number of shares ( or your goal of however many shares you would like for that company ) do you turn the drip off and then take the dividend and place elsewhere ?

    1. AG,

      The only shares I don't DRIP are the Shell B shares. Unfortunately they distribute Shell A shares which is a pain to deal with. Otherwise I reinvest all shares and will continue to do so.


  5. I agree with Lanny, solid goals. I just setup my Lending Club account with $2,500 to start. If I like it, I plan on getting it to $10k by the end of the year. I really like the stocks you want to add to as well. Best of luck with all of your goals and your knee rehab.

    1. IH,

      Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear about your LC account. It's just one more passive income vehicle and I like the idea of diversified income streams. Make 2017 Great!


  6. Solid goals. It's motivating to me to see the new year goals, not only on financial, but also on other aspects of life. Best of luck!

    1. MU,

      I agree with you about the motivation. Iron sharpens iron as the saying goes and surrounding yourself with focused, determined individuals is always a good thing!


  7. wow! nice goals! Its interesting that you want to get real estate and insurance licenses.

    1. HHWG,

      I want to be licensed in everything! LMAO It never hurts to have different day job opportunities. I would love to learn more about both industries.


  8. I'm Spanish and I Know about the company you want to buy. I hope to continue reading your blog.

  9. best of luck for reach youur goals!