Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stock Sale --- TUP

Today I sold my entire TUP position.

  • TUP:  61.36 shares @ $73.57 --- Yield  3.70%

Total proceeds are $4507.13 and this will reduce my yearly dividends by $166.90.

This has been a fantastic position for me and I made about $1400 in gains plus whatever dividends I received while owning the stock. Yesterday I was thinking that I might want to trim some overvalued positions and TUP at $65 seemed like a good candidate. Well when I opened my account this morning looking for opportunities to buy, I saw TUP up 12% at $73 and took that as an opportunity to sell.

I fully plan to reinvest the proceeds quickly and have no problems revisiting TUP somewhere in the $50s and in the 5% yield range.

Forward dividends are $8670.00.



  1. Don't blame you at all for unloading at that price. I looked into them yesterday as a potential buy but even at their previous price yesterday they seemed a little over valued. I'm with you, if they drop into the low 50's, I'll definitely be getting my hands on them. That company is a gold mine when the economy goes through rough times.

    1. DR,

      I agree with your assessment, both of the entry price range and it's recession resistant business model. I almost dumped UL as it jumped of $51, but that 12% dividend raise is really nice. I'll hold and use any weakness to build up the position.