Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Position --- BP

Today I decided to initiate a position in BP.

  • BP:  200 shares @ $15.75 --- Yield 16.00% (Realistically 4% if reduced by 75%)

Total capital invested invested is $3150 and will increase my yearly dividend by $504.00.

I've owned shares of BP in past and am glad to re-enter the position at a fairly reasonable price. These are treacherous times in the energy sector and I realize this dividend is beyond fragile.

I'll be watching the REITs closely as they have all been left for dead. I probably won't add any more OHI, but O, SPG, and WFC are certainly worth looking at closer. It is not uncommon to see 20-30% yields across the REIT sector.

I wouldn't mind building up my BP position to 500 shares and will likely add more at these price levels. I do feel better knowing that virtually every sector has bargains so I’m not limited to beat down oil and banks.

Be safe everyone.

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