Thursday, March 12, 2020

Recent Buys --- OHI & XOM

I added a few shares to some existing positions today.

  • OHI:  100 shares @ $23.83 --- Yield  11.25%
  • XOM:  30 shares @ $37.03 --- Yield  9.40%

Total capital invested is $3493.99 and the combined yield is 10.66%. These purchases will add $372.40 to my yearly dividends.

The market pullback is so quick and extreme that it's difficult to decide what to pull the trigger on. When I saw OHI down 25% after the market circuit breaker this morning I decided to swoop in. XOM is at ridiculous levels and may get more ridiculous.

IBM got close to $100 and I almost added shares at 6.5% yield. Also MO is within inches of a 10% yield. Airlines, banks, hotels, and cruise lines are being left for dead. I think BA is down $300 a share from its all time high!! That's crazy! 

Wells, JPM, GS, etc are very tempting, but I actually may pick up TD or BNS as they will be yielding in the 8% range very soon.

Great time to get off the sidelines and get back into the game. I've been out for too long :)



  1. MDP -

    Short and sweet. THE F IS GOING ON OUT THERE. Haha.


  2. I agree, so many discounts available to choose from, it is almost paralyzing :)

    1. PIV,

      At least it's not just having to buy energy stocks. Lots of sectors are under pressure.